Another No Go For HTC HD2 and WP7S Upgrade



Author WenWP // in Rumour


There have been many reports saying the HD2 will not be getting an update, and this can be added as just one more. This report comes from Laptop Magazine and they are saying that a source close to T-mobile says the HD2 will not be seeing an update. The information comes from their personal sources, and at this point we cannot tell if they are credible.


This information might cause a lot of people to be “Angry”, but I can say for myself, I have no change of heart.  T-mobile USA is getting ready to release their version of the HD2 for a great price, and even with all these reports, I will be the first person(not really) at the Rosedale mall to get myself a copy. The upgrade, while important, is just an update. The device is a great device, and one aspect like this should not stop someone from buying one.

I am also curtain that an update will come from one of the many locations that updates have always been provided. I will not say the names, but I think we all know where I am talking about and only time can tell if they can deliver.


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