Another HTC Titan review

An sample picture in good light. have posted their review of the HTC Titan. They note due to the thinness of the device the size is not really an issue, was of course greatly impressed by the camera, enjoyed the speed increase and surprisingly found battery life quite good.

They concluded in their summary:

After a big week with the TITAN I can only say I am very positively surprised by the unit. I was particularly concerned that the size of the unit would fall from everyday use, but nothing is further from the truth. Due to the thinness of just centimeters, the device perfectly and I can hold my thumb even with a considerable portion of the screen away. Super LCD screen is very sharp and almost black, but not so black, say, Super AMOLED screen of the Samsung Omnia 7. Where I just had to get used to was the place of the volume buttons. That I left all my equipment down and now they’re right. But after one week is reasonable bijgetrokken, though I sometimes call me sometimes wonder why the volume goes up ;-)It is also good in the hand and is not too smooth, and certainly provides some of the lower plastic has a good grip.

The camera passed just as the review and I can also brief. The Panorama mode and burst mode, cool extras that you just do fun things and it works flawlessly. I was already at the Panorama function on the LG E-900, but it took a lot more trouble getting a good picture. Here everything automatically and adjusts everything else for you. The pictures are sharp enough and after a brief comparison with the 5 megapixel camera of the HTC Trophy provides the F2.2 lens really that you just get more picture in your photo!

Of course the speed of the device is important. You just notice the little things that just 50% more processing power available to you than your previous Windows phone. A game much faster startup, faster apps loaded, without significant delay and WhatsApp overall feel of the device is simply faster. You tap it and it’s just there. For example, Windows Phone used to.

Of course I have a lot of calls with the device and the sound quality is just super. The sound is clear without any distortion. I use the phone a lot in the car and the trophy I had ever experienced the famous GSM simmer you ever hear about your speakers. Especially if the reception is slightly worse and the unit more to do his best by more transmit power to deliver this sound often stuck its head. I have the TITAN tested in a familiar place where reception is minimal. No noise to horen.Wel I was ever completely lost the connection, but the Titan will no blame. Driving with an indent receiving just can sometimes go wrong. The sound was clear on the bluetooth without noise.

Data transfer speeds I’m not good enough to test. My subscription is unfortunately truncated at 1 Mbit speeds and gives you these days anywhere. Directly related to data rates is that the battery consumption. I use multiple Exchange accounts on the phone throughout the day by synchronizing whenever mail arrives. Not regularly, but immediately received. If I TITAN morning and remove the charger all day and use a fair amount of call data (1 – 1.5 hours) I have at the end of the evening is still 30% to 40% battery left. 1600 mAh battery that fat is an ideal travel partner and the phone keeps so much longer than for example the Trophy.

The TITAN is for me an absolute Must-Have and in fact now impossible to imagine my daily life.You get at least a very quickly got used to that nice big screen and the extra features that the device gives you. I am obviously very interested in members who TITAN now also in use and their experiences with the device. We hear they want in the forum !

Read their full review here.

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