Another HTC hotfix, this time for HTC Touch HD



It seems HTC’s engineers have been busy. Today they released another hotfix, this time fixing an annoying bug with the HTC Touch HD which would resulting transient freezing of the device when the screen is tapped multiple times repeatedly.

Hot fix to enhance response time for HTC Touch HD

Sometimes the screen stops responding for about 3 to 5 seconds when running an application that needs to use the stylus to click the screen repeatedly within a short time. For example, the windows built-in software like SMS, email, solitaire, etc

A bit of a warning – some users have reported issues with this update. It apparently works well at fixing the screen freeze problem, but many users report transient loss of audio on the receiving side of a phone call, ie. the people you call cant hear you for a few second. It may be wise to give this hotfix a few days to percolate more.

If you are however feeling brave download the update from HTC here.

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