Another HTC HD2 review


28, 2009

Author Surur // in News

htc_hd2_box HTC HD2 reviews seem to be spilling out of the woodwork all over the place, but this one by seem particularly detailed. calls the build quality durable and pleasant, say it has a WOW feeling (I don’t think anyone would argue with that).

They  appear to have a device with final packaging, and note that there is no screen protector (and I do not notice any included pouch either).

They were able to get 1.5 to 2 days out of the 1230 mAh battery with push e-mail on, which is acceptable. They mention the sound quality and volume is good, but not as good as the wonderful HTC Touch Pro 2.

They note the massive capacitive screen with multi-touch is ideal for web browsing.

They called the picture quality very good, and say the flash allows illumination of subjects up to 1.5 metres from the camera.


Example picture (overcast conditions)

The device ships with a trial of CoPilot Live that you can use for 15 days, and then can be  purchased for € 29.99 (Benelux) or € 69.99 (Europe).

They confirm the device does not have TV-out out of the box, which is especially unfortunate as they also note the smartphone plays 1500 kb/s MPEG4’S out of the box with no hiccups at all.

Read the full review at here.

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