Another detailed HTC Touch Diamond 2 review

15-May-2009_Screen39 MoDaCo has given the HTC Touch Diamond 2 a good going over, and has published a detailed review.

They conclude:

Final thoughts
While the comparisons to the original Diamond are an obvious angle to view the Touch Diamond2 from, it has to be considered as an independent device. The spec is fantastic, and while it is not equipped with a large internal storage, 8GB microSD cards are cheap now and widely available.
The extent to which HTC have improved TouchFlo3D and delved into Windows Mobile with their customisations is admirable, and second to none. While still provided, the stylus is all but redundant. The interface is quick and responsive, intuitive and a pleasure to use.
The device is comfortable to hold and easy to use with a single hand. The build is sturdy and the design makes it stand out as a high-end, premium handset. It feels in no way tacky or cheap, exactly what we have come to expect from HTC

The good, the bad and the ugly
Good: TouchFlo3D, makes day-to-day use a pleasure.
Bad: The depth of HTCs enhancements are sometimes a little inconsistent.
Ugly: The camera is still poor quality in all but the best lighting conditions.

Read the full review, which include many screen shots and photos, here.