Another AR Glass Related Patent From Microsoft, Brightness Control Of See-Through Display

Microsoft Glass Patent
Recently, we have been reporting about number of patents related to Augmented Reality glasses by Microsoft. Today, we came across another one which describes a technology to protect the wearer’s eyes. Wearer’s eyes need to be protected from too much light from the display. The brightness of the display is a combination of how much external light gets through the display and how much light is being used to display images. Thus, if too much external light shines through the display the user may experience eye damage or discomfort. Also, if too much light is used to display images, the user may suffer eye discomfort or damage. Read the abstract below on how Microsoft’s tries to solve this issue.


The technology provides various embodiments for controlling brightness of a see-through, near-eye mixed display device based on light intensity of what the user is gazing at. The opacity of the display can be altered, such that external light is reduced if the wearer is looking at a bright object. The wearer’s pupil size may be determined and used to adjust the brightness used to display images, as well as the opacity of the display. A suitable balance between opacity and brightness used to display images may be determined that allows real and virtual objects to be seen clearly, while not causing damage or discomfort to the wearer’s eyes.

Source: USPTO