Another Angry Birds clone? Yep!

Boss Launch 2 is another free Angry Birds-like game exclusively for WP7! However this one features zombies and a fat flying executive!

Overall Score: 3/5BossLaunch2

The gameplay is only decent and the presentation hurts because of the low frame rate, but otherwise the game is unique and fun.

Gameplay: 3/5

In this game, there are a certain number of zombies placed throughout each level, and you have to slingshot your boss out of his office chair and into the zombies in order to kill the zombies. There’s a variety of obstacles you need to use and avoid in the game like: Wood planks, glass, unbreakable trees, unbreakable buildings, and even cars. Unlike Angry Birds, you only have one shot to kill all of the zombies, so you have to make it perfect. The gameplay is fun, but it doesn’t have as many unique challenges as Chicks’n’Vixens does. The low frame rate of the game also decreases the enjoyment of the game. In the end, the gameplay turns out average.

Presentation: 2/5

The visuals are pretty good in the game (like the slight cracks appearing in the wood planks when you bump them slightly), but the frame rate really brings the experience down. The game doesn’t run at a smooth frame rate; instead, the experience is jerky and laggy. This becomes worse in the more complicated levels near the end. However, the sound effects of the zombies and the music at the end of beating each level are nice.

Lasting Value: 3/5

Beating all of the levels will last about an hour and a half. There’s no incentive to replay the levels since each level is simply win or loose; there’s no bronze/silver/gold medals to compete for.

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Title: Boss Launch 2
Price: FREE
Publisher: Spritehand LLC

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