Another 3rd party Nest app lands in the Windows Phone Store


7, 2013

imageThe Nest is a so-called learning thermostat which will learn your patterns and control the heating and cooling in your home accordingly.

It can also be controlled remotely by a smartphone, which inspired developer Gary Johnson from Sharkfist software to create a 3rd party Windows Phone app for the gadget.

Currently, wpnest can control a single thermostat, and supports the following features:nestqr

  • Setting and displaying temperature
  • Off, Heat Only, Cool Only, and Heat + Cool modes
  • Shows Leaf when power saving
  • Setting Fan mode
  • Setting Away mode

WPNest is open source, and Gary is encouraging other developers to contribute and make the app even better. See the code at here.

The rest of us who are lucky enough to have a Nest can download the app for free from the Windows Phone Store here.


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