If you’ve been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you’ve most likely noticed that your island has recently been inundated by themed eggs thanks to the Bunny Day event. Thankfully, the game’s latest patch means eggs won’t be plaguing you as often anymore.

The patch notes for v1.1.4, as translated by OatmealDome on Twitter, say that the “rate of drops for some eggs” has been adjusted until April 11th. Instead, eggs will become easier to collect on April 12th, when the Bunny Day event comes to a head.

Patch 1.1.4 also fixes the problem of Flick giving players the incorrect insect model in exchange for scarab beetles, for anyone who may have been affected by that bug (pun fully intended).

If you haven’t been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons and are curious as to what’s going on with the eggpocalypse, here’s a rundown of what you’re missing.

New Horizons’ in-game Bunny Day event causes themed eggs to spawn all over the place – for example, when players try to catch a fish, they’ll find an egg at the end of their line instead. Other activities, including hitting rocks, chopping down trees, and digging up cracks in the ground are also giving players eggs instead of resources.

While the whole egg hunt thing was fun at first, players quickly found themselves absolutely overwhelmed by eggs and unable to scavenge for resources required to craft items or advance in the game.

Players are also expected to hunt for cherry blossoms to craft special cherry blossom-themed furniture during this time, but the overwhelming egg presence was making it near impossible to collect DIY recipes used to craft items.

Luckily, the eggs should now be spawning at a much more manageable rate, and New Horizons players can return to fishing up actual fish instead.