Anger boiling over in Microsoft forums over Marketplace storage card restriction

markeplaceprotest Marketplace does not allow one to install applications to storage cards.  With Marketplace growing this becomes an increasing problem, with even modern devices like the HTC HD2 shipping with less than 200 MB free build-in storage.

A solution has been promised since October, but so far none has been forthcoming.  Even Microsoft’s automatic solution (offer storage card install when the internal memory is full) does not work, leaving users unable to install more applications than can fit into the built-in memory.

At Microsoft’s own official Windows Mobile forum anger is growing, with a thread started on the 6th October still growing on, with no reasonable solution in sight, and some threatening to boycott Marketplace.

As one user said:

After a quick test I can tell you that it’s not working…I ran out of memory, then no applications could be added with marketplace. Another funny thing : I fill my memory only by installing applications from the marketplace, now my phone cannot even run marketplace : I get "out of memory" when trying to run it! (I empty a little memory by going to the "remove apps" from phone native screens, now it works back normal)

Hopefully Microsoft will pull its finger out and address this issue soon, else it seems Marketplace will die, not under the weight of applications in the market, but under those already installed on devices.

Add your voice at Microsoft’s forums here.


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