Anger as Microsoft once again overlooks Windows Phone in favour of iOS and Android


imageOne would think one would get used to it, but every time Microsoft releases a desired software application first on iOS and Android instead of Windows Phone it makes me feel stupid for choosing to use a Windows Phone.

After all, if I used iOS, I would be getting the advantage of not just a million software titles, but also all of Microsoft’s software well before Windows Phone gets it.

The latest insult is Microsoft announcing that they will be releasing a Remote Desktop app for iOS and Android, with no mention of Windows Phone at all.

The last time we saw this store we waited a year after iOS to get Photosynth on Windows Phone.

Now a Remote Desktop app is not Instagram, and is only really useful for a small group of enterprise users, but for those people who already have it installed on their servers, it seems choosing an iPhone will be a better choice than a Windows Phone, which we suggest is not be the best message for Microsoft to send.

Thanks Troy for the tip.