Android switching data shows the robot is vulnerable, unloved


8, 2012


Amongst Android fans and even analysts there is a perception that Google’s dominant position is now fixed forever, forgetting of course how rapidly it came about. There is of course also the alternate perception – that Android buyers are only buying phones running the OS because they could not, for some reason, be it cost or availability, get an iPhone.

New data by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners found that in April up to 42% of iPhone sales in US were refugees from other smartphones, in the main Android phones, reminding us that the OS has very little loyalty, something which is likely both a result and reflected in its customer satisfaction numbers.

The lock-in from having an Android phone is likely a lot less than with an iPhone, due to the fragmented, open ecosystem.  While Apple is the main recipient of this at present, if Microsoft can play their cards right, they could also see Android uses as a large pool of future happy Windows Phone users, rather than an obstacle to future market share gains.

Are any of our readers happy converts from Android to Windows Phone? Let us know below.

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