Android Q will make Pixels, Nokias and other Android One phones more customisable

Google’s Android Pie already lets users change the shape of their icons by default on Stock Android and ROMs which are close to it. Now Google is adding much-requested theming features.

First and foremost, dark mode is finally here. Kinda. Sorta.

Google’s Android Q beta forces a system-wide dark mode if users left their phone on dark mode before upgrading or activate it either by heading to battery saver or with ADB in Android Q. The toggle has been removed in the first beta builds of Q, presumably so that Google can polish it before letting users test it.

Another new feature Google is including with Q is the ability to change your accent colours. Windows phone users may remember that from the before-times, but now Google is bringing it to default Android.

Now, as always, while OEMs add the broads strokes of Google’s new features to their Android updates, some features may vanish or be altered beyond recognition. Huawei, Samsung and Sony already offer their own theming solutions, so it remains to be seen if they’ll eschew Google’s native solutions for theirs. Hence the headline, if you’re using an Android One handset like the ones hawked by Nokia, or you’re using Google’s Pixel handsets, you’ll definitely see a benefit. Otherwise, its a wait and see thing.