Android Ports for selected Windows Mobile phones


25, 2009

Author WenWP // in Device


Windows Mobile is well know for its versatility, which in this case includes being able to load up other mobile OS’s.  Android porting has been something a lot of Windows Mobile owners have been asking for on their phones and of course, being Windows Mobile, if you want it some-one will provide it.

The most evolved Android port is for the HTC Kaiser AKA the At&t Tilt, but there are many phones, mostly HTC ones, that have a port available for it.  Some examples are  the Fuze/Touch pro, the Diamond,  the HTC HD (which I’ll do a video on a little later), the Vogue, the Polaris  and I heard the Touch Pro2 too, but I have not seen a download link for this yet.

Here are a few links to the most prominent porting efforts.

The HTC Touch HD Android port started a while ago, but for some reason came to a complete standstill.  It has however now come back with a vengeance, and a pretty good implementation is available now.

For more go to this XDA Development thread to get more info.

For info on the Vogue go here.

For information on the original HTC Touch Pro and HTC Touch Diamond read more here.

Is there any port efforts you want to bring to our attention?  Let us know below.

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