Android Gets A Bit Of WP7 Envy


While there is no question that Google and Apple are on their toes about WP7 and what its outcome will be, and now it even seems some users want a piece of the new world. Over at XDA, a member has developed a new guide to get you the design above while still keeping good old Android. The design is taken a bit from both WP7 and even the Kin’s and I quite frankly love it. If I was not so lazy I would follow those steps and get this going on this Droid X I have next to me but gush darn it being a Minnesotan, I don’t feel like it.

This goes to show that while some might say the design and concept is stupid, a lot of others are trying to simulate the experience on the currently available hardware and software.

If you are an Android users (which I know some of you are) and want to try your luck, go to the thread in follow the steps.