Android doomed- only has 32 out of 50 top free iOS apps


28, 2013

Author Surur // in News


Canalys has struck the warning bells again, noting that Android only has 32 of the top 50 free iOS applications and only 29 of the top 50 paid.

The majority of the missing apps were games, thought notable missing apps included Vine and Twitter Music.

The implications for the mobile OS, which only had 75% market share in Q1 2013 is of course dire.

The results show that Google still has some work to do itself to ensure that top iOS titles are making it into the Google Play store,” says Tim Shepherd, Canalys senior analyst, of the new findings.

Last week Canalys had a similar warning about Windows Phone, noting the Windows Phone store only contained 16 of the top 50 free Apple App Store applications, and 14 of the top 50 paid, with the same Tim Shepherd saying ‘The availability of key apps is a factor in motivating consumers’ initial mobile device purchasing decisions, and it will only become more so. But moreover, it is a major factor in determining ongoing consumer satisfaction.

The fact of course is that the success of Android proves that Apps are not all that important – even thought I don’t have an app for my bank, I can still somehow manage the same as I have for the past decade, and Android users are managing perfectly fine without Vine, and the OS grew just as well for the years than Instagram was not available on their platform. Lets not forget that the iPhone launched without the ability to install any 3rd party apps at all.

While I wish Windows Phone had more apps, the fact is that apps follow a successful platform, not the other way around, which is why the Android app store is rapidly becoming larger than the iOS app store. Microsoft need to continue concentrating on growing Windows Phone, and the app issue will solve itself.

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