XDA-Dev appears to have strumbled across numerous details regarding the next version of Android, Android 12 ‘Snow Cone.’

Their latest revelation is improvements related to multi-tasking.

There are 3 major improvements:

Picture in Picture Mode

Picture in Picture Mode is getting improvements, with the ability to more easily resize a PIP window with pinch to zoom and double-tap (to resize to max or return to last used). The update will include a seamless cross-fade animation.

Users will also be able to “stash” videos at the side of the screen. When stashed 2/3 of the video will be off-screen, hidden by dragging or flinging it there, and users can recall it by tapping the visible bit. Users will also be

New ‘chat head’ Bubble Animations

Android Bubbles, descendent from Facebook’s Chat Heads, are getting some UI improvements.

There will be a new fading/scaling down animation, softer expand/collapse animations and softer transition between bubbles. In landscape, mode bubbles will be arranged vertically on the left and right, rather than taking up valuable space on the top of the narrow screen.  Bubbles will also be resizable and can be fixed in location.

App Pairs

Lastly, Google is bringing App Pairs, familiar from the Surface Duo and Samsung Galaxy Fold, to Android 12. This will allow users to launch two apps at the same time in split-screen mode.

The features should be discoverable in the first Android 12 developerr betas, which are set to arrive soon.