The main differentiating feature of the Motorola Razr vs the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the large external screen, and with the coming update to Android 10 Motorola is boosting the functionality of this external screen tremendously.

This is according to Michael Fisher AKA Mr Mobile, who has had a previous of the update on his borrowed Motorola Razr.

The Android 10 update brings gesture navigation and dark mode to the Razr, but the main improvements are to the external screen.

The external screen now also supports swipe gestures which brings up 3 different pages depending on the direction of the swipe. One is a camera shortcut, the other a page of shortcuts to various apps, including a dialer, and the last is an external notification shade which supports a number (but not all) apps.

Like most Android notifications, these are interactive, allowing one for example to control music, podcasts and other media, or to reply to messages.

It also offers turn by turn navigation from Google Maps and other rich notification features. Motorola says they are working to expand the number of apps supported and bring even more features.

The update also brings other improvements, such as more My UX customizations and will be rolling out in mid-may to regular Motorola Razr users.

What Mr Mobile demonstrate the improvements in his video below:

The RAZR is currently exclusive to Verizon so if you’re a Verizon customer you can order one from Motorola’s website.