Android 1.0 on HTC Touch Diamond

Until now we have seen a number of HTC devices being able to boot the google powered Android. Now its time for Diamond’s hardware to show its versatility and for a group of developers at to show their skills. That’s right, we have the first signs of HTC Touch Diamond ability to run the exact Android version that HTC G1 runs and not just the 0.8 emulator edition.

The pictures below, posted by lavender.t over at, are just a proof of concept, but I  don’t think it will be long, until everyone can easily boot Android 1.0 on their Touch Diamond and possibly Touch Pro. For now, the needed files to run this version of Android are not available yet and as lavender.t claims several issues still have to be worked out.

With RIM already in the makings of a Blackberry suite for Windows Mobile devices and the stories like the above constantly emerging, could anyone question the flexibility of the Windows Mobile hardware platform? I didn’t think so…

Now, let’s see if someone could get WIndows Mobile to run on HTC G1, so T-Mobile could get even remotely close to offering a 3G Windows Mobile device.