And then there were three: Sprint drops the HP Pre3

dead-pre_1_270x182According This is my Next’s trusted sources Sprint has refused to carry the HP Pre3, Palm’s latest webOS handset. The carrier has apparently been burned by high support costs for webOS handsets, which has suffered from very high hardware failure rates and a laggy OS.

While the CDMA carrier is still carrying  the low profile Palm Pixi , which it is giving away for free, this does in fact spell the death knell for the OS on USA’s 3rd biggest carrier.  WebOS is not being offered on T-Mobile at all.

While This is my Next contends that Sprint will be concentrating on Android instead, the effect will be that if one is looking for a device which is not Android on Sprint, the choice will be between the waning Blackberry and an increasingly competitive Windows Phone 7, which already has much higher customer satisfaction rates than both Blackberry, webOS and even Android.