And now for some Kinetic fun!

I would like you to watch the video in its entirety if you can then read the post after the break

The bifurcation between tech bloggers/journalist and the general public when it comes to Microsoft products is exemplified by the reactions of the users in the above video and this article from arstechnica titled: Why Sony’s Move offers gamers more than Microsoft’s Kinect. The author goes on to say that…

  • Kinect is more expensive (not true once you account for the  additional Move controllers needed for each person) 
  • The Move will engage more hardcore gamers (Well… Xbox has hardcore gamers covered and most of them prefer actual controllers. Kinect and Move are geared more towards casual gamers IMHO anyways who consist of a majority of the population)
  • There are no buttons (Kinect doesn’t have to be the primary controller for every game, there is one available for those purposes)

And on and on. Kinect has also been criticized for “forcing players get off the couch and move around” and “making people look like idiots flailing their limbs while playing”  then watch the players on the video and what do they like? moving around, watching their friends play and not having to use a controller. When people actually try the products, their impressions are usually more positive than what is written.

This all ties with similar arguments that have been used against WP7. They have to have a killer app, the hardware has to be right and so on and so forth. When I show my friends videos of the OS, a majority are impressed and  will seriously consider getting one. I think this will be the case when consumers get their hands on the real devices and try them out. Commenter efjay, sums it up succinctly when replying to a post on

This is a poor article. As usual it seems only apple and google are being put forward as the only acceptable options in the mobile space and it does seem that owning an iPhone can cloud anyone’s opinion. As is the norm rather than see if the platform succeeds its failure is already being predicted. Then going on to say that Google has provided an "ample game development platform" seems ludicrous, where exactly is this gaming platform? And in case it wasnt obvious Sony is already in the mobile space with the PSP. And why speculate on MS launching a mobile 360 platform in the future when they have never signaled any intention of doing so before WP7 was conceived? And why is it that MS is held to such high standards ie: "But it’s not enough that Xbox on Windows Phone 7 be good…the phone part (the hardware, the phone experience, the apps) has to be killer, which obviously remains to be seen." but the almighty iphone which currently has problems performing its chief duties is being given a pass?  
Honestly, with so many people able to see into the future you wonder why they don’t find some lottery to won and retire to a tropical island somewhere. We get it, its MICROSOFT so its BOUND to fail, your only hope is to follow the herd and buy apple or google. Surprised

Microsoft has its work cut out in order to overcome all the negative noise in the blogosphere and reach the average consumer who when presented with the choice, will most likely choose a MS product or at least give it a try.

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