Analysts Reaffirm Windows Phone 7 As Fastest Growing Platform In 2011


25, 2011

Author Pradeep // in News

Last week published a story based on a report from analyst that Windows Phone 7 platform will be the fastest growing platform in 2011. The story caused many debate among people. So contacted the Ovum analyst firm to comment on their claims, Here is the excerpt

“The WP7 platform brings something different to the market. It is very easy to use and has a very nice overall user experience which is very important, so it undoubtedly has potential to gain market position in 2011,”

“We have some precise predictions we are working on how the phone will perform in the market, which we will release in a few weeks time, but it seems likely that the brand Microsoft brings to the market will make the platform popular.”

This is also in line with the recent IDC report on smartphone developer interest which we posted earlier today. I expect Microsoft to announce some big numbers regarding WP7 platform during their Quarterly financial results on Thursday to further kindle developer interest.


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