IDC: Potential WP7 success in 2011 – if Microsoft do exactly what they’re planning to

Famed technology analysts International Data Corporation have released a research note positing that Windows Phone 7 can and will be successful in 2011, if it continues to add new functions – functions which Microsoft are explicitly aiming to ship as early as possible.

In particular, the copy and paste and improved multitasking support are singled out as capabilities that would add to WP7’s success – both of which are expected to ship early in 2011.

The article also considers developing CDMA support to be vital to WP7’s success. This is less convincing – CDMA is only really used in North America; the rest of the world prefers GSM/3G, and a lack of CDMA support certainly hasn’t hurt the iPhone.

“CDMA phones are expected to arrive in early 2011, ensuring that WP7 devices are available on all four U.S. carriers, thus helping increase device shipments,” Al Hilwa, an analyst with IDC, wrote in a Dec. 29 research note. “To bring the platform rapidly to a level of parity with other major mobile platforms, Microsoft will need to deliver several key features in the first quarter of 2011.”

Those features include multitasking support, copy-and-paste and increased hardware support for augmented reality applications such as business card scanning. “Down the road, Microsoft’s success will be measured by the speed at which it can broaden its country, carrier and device portfolios, and the pace of delivery of new capabilities in its software,” Hilwa wrote. In the meantime, “IDC believes that it will have a seat at the small table of the top two or three mobile application platform players in the next five years.”

The original note can be read here (requiring an IDC subscription), or a thorough breakdown by can be found here.


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