Analysts – Microsoft`Revolutionized’ Windows Phone

Perception is everything, and when it comes to the their Windows Phone 7 Series launch Microsoft seemed to have hit the ball out of the park, convincing most comers with their latest efforts.

Importantly, this include analysts, who advise buyers on which shares they should purchase and set target prices.

In the above interview on Bloomberg Andy Miedler, an analyst at Edward Jones, talks with Bloomberg’s Lori Rothman and Mark Crumpton about the outlook for Microsoft Corp.’s new Windows Phone 7 mobile-phone operating system.

His sentiment is clearly positive, and in a case of the tail wagging the dog, it seems it will be Microsoft’s tiny mobile business which will have a material effect on their share price.

This will hopefully motivate Microsoft to invest more into this business segment and ensure their venture and our hobby is successful.

Will Windows Phone 7 change the public perception of Microsoft?  Let us know below.