Lenovo: People think Intel or AMD before ARM processors on Windows

July 12, 2018

Microsoft’s Windows on ARM initiative is seen as an optimistic bet for companies like Lenovo to make a dent in EMEA markets like India.

“People still have the mindset of buying an Intel or AMD product, so to get a new player, it is not a straightforward march,” said Lenovo India’s Managing Director, Rahul Agarwal, when thinking about the rise of ARM processors in PCs

Lenovo wants to grow by 500 per cent in the ultra-slim category this year. These are thin laptops with metal builds, USB type-c ports, and so on.

While Lenovo traditionally ships those PCs with WinTel, the PC maker has started shipping ARM devices too, favouring those form-factors as well.

Lenovo sees this as appealing to younger millennials, many of whom would be buying stylish PCs which reflect their tastes over the bulky fat devices of yesteryear.

However, the ARM processors still aren’t perfect “It [Always-Connected PC range] comes with a certain degree of complexity,” Agarwal pointed out. “Because you need to have another SIM card, you have to pay another bill. Most of the laptop users today are still in control environment – either at home or college, they anyway can do hotspot. We’re looking at it.”

For Always Connected PCs to take off, users will have to change the way they think of their PCs. This complexity argument, for example, seems a tad overblown. Consumers have gotten used to no headphone jacks, a new peripheral doesn’t seem like something that’d be too confusing.

Source: Gadgets 360 via Windows United

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