Analyst: Nokia needs a “hero” device this fall

Speaking to Bloomberg, David McQeeen, an analyst at Informa Telecoms and Media, notes Nokia’s recipe for success is not just Windows Phone 7, but a “hero” device which will set it apart from other OEMs.

Nokia has seen a dramatic change in their fortunes over the recent months, dropping from the largest smartphone OEM in the world to the 3rd position behind Apple and Samsung.  The company is expected to release their first Windows Phone 7 handset, which Stephen Elop has said is now entering production planning, towards the end of the year, making it likely it will have to endure one more quarter with Symbian handsets which it seems no-one wants anymore.

The question does however remain if their leaked handset, the Nokia Sea Ray, is such a “hero” device.  No features have been revealed, but it does appear to be more a mid-range than a premium handset, and the device is rumoured to carry little differentiating features.

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