An Interview with WP7 Game Developer Jimmy Dickinson

1)Have you developed Apps for any other platforms before?If Yes What are they?

I have not developed any Apps for any other phone platform.  I have developed many web based applications and games.  At one point I worked building educational flash based lessons that were deployed on CDs.  I Currently build web based business solution for small to mid size companies using php, Flash, but mainly  As a hobby, I have built many small games using Silverlight, Flash, and html 5.

2)Why did you choose WP7 as a platform of your choice?

The biggest reason is the development tools.  I can take existing applications I have built for the web, in silverlight, and port them to the phone with little effort.  I’m also excited about developing with XNA on the phone.

3)Which one do you think as the single most feature you liked in WP7?

I like the simplicity of the phone menus.

4)Are you satisfied with WP7 Platform development tools?

Very satisfied.  I can still use the same development tools I use for other .net projects.

5)What are the Apps you are developing now in WP7?

I am currently developing 3 games: Frog Log, PaperBall, and Frog attack.

Frog Log – You stack frogs on a logs.  Different levels have different challenges.

PaperBall – Is a mini football simulator with a twist.

Frog Attack – You try to catch the food and avoid the attacking frogs.  If they get you, you will have shake them off.

6)In what way Microsoft can improve their WP7 or What does WP7 lacks from?

I don’t see any features that “wow” me better than the other leading smart phones on the market.  I hope to see a better “wow” factor.

7)Future Plans of you?

I would love for my hobby of making mini games to become my day job.

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