An Interview with WP7 Developer and MSP Pierre Yves

1)Have you developed Apps for any other platforms before? If Yes What are they?

Actually yes, I did an Whoopee cushion for the Archos android AppsLib when it was released.

It wasn’t a big project but it allowed me to get an android tablet for free and it was actually quite a success ^^.

I also worked on a lot of XNA project for the Xbox and the PC, you can find some of them on my website

2)Why did you choose WP7 as a platform of your choice?

XNA, XNA, XNA . I have been waiting for Microsoft to release the framework on a mobile platform for years (we don’t have the Zune HD in France).

It is really the easiest and quickest way to create indie games, both 2Ds and 3Ds, and the level of performance and usability grow with each version released.

3)Which one do you think as the single most feature you liked in WP7?

The support of Xbox live. Microsoft was the only console manufacturer that didn’t had a mobile platform.

And even if the game released on WP7 won’t be as big as the one we can find on DS or PSP, we still can get a fun game experience, achievements and communication between our phone and the Xbox.

4)Are you satisfied with WP7 Platform development tools?

Overall yes very satisfied, the integration of XNA is very good, even for 3D, which was a problem for the Zune HD.

Silverlight seems to work well also even if the two projects I developed with it are actually too small for me to grasp the limitation of the phone.

But there are still some small problems. first of all the documentation is not always that clear or easy to find, hopefully you can find almost all your answers in the forums of

The second thing is the impossibility to mix Xna and Silverlight other than through hack. It would be so nice to be able to create all the menu and the UI with Silverlight and to just add an XNA render windows for the game.

Maybe someday, we will see.

5)What are the Apps you are developing now in WP7?Details on the Apps?

I am currently working on 5 apps. The first an d the biggest one, had just been submitted on the market place. It’s called Jurassic Jumper and is heavily inspired of Doodle Jump.

You will play a small dinosaur trying to escape the extinction of his species by jumping and jumping again. how far? You will have to play, to discover it .

The other ones are a connect 4 and a Tic-Tac-Toe using the world of Jurassic Jumper, and two Silverlight applications a dinosaur whoopee cushion and an animal box, simple but it was a good start for my initiation in Silverlight.

6)In what way Microsoft can improve their WP7 or What does WP7 lacks from?

Well the first thing will be copy/paste, I think its going to be a huge missing feature at launch.

The other thing will be a way for the application to be able to finish a request after it’s been closed, not a real multi task that would be too power consuming, but a way to refresh tour news app while checking your mails for example.

7)Future Plans of you?

I’ve got several ideas for new games and applications, but I don’t have the time to start those projects for now. But I’m already working on the future updates ( free :p ) of Jurassic jumper.

Apart from these questions, Other things you want to share with the community?

If you understand French and you want to learn how to create games using XNA, you can always take a look at my website, you might find some useful information