An Interview with IronSun Studios Chief Developer Pete McGann


29, 2010

1)Have you developed Apps for any other platforms before? If Yes What are they?

I’ve written lots of homebrew games for Amiga, PC, XBOX, Zune etc.

2)Why did you choose WP7 as a platform of your choice?

We (as a company) decided WP7 was on track to be a great new platform without the baggage of an over-saturated marketplace.  Coupled with the fact that it would be using XNA as the game development framework and given my years of experience with that it seemed like the logical choice. With WP7 the platform has advantages that are very compelling, including the fact that it is automatically updated so we know that the OS will always be at one version. Also the Metro UI is one of the slickest and simple interfaces on a mobile device, and is a pleasure to work with.

3)Which one do you think as the single most feature you liked in WP7?

The fact that it uses XNA as the game development framework.

4)Are you satisfied with WP7 Platform development tools?

On the whole I’m satisfied with the development tools, XNA is great! Updates have been regular since the early adoption phase and the emulator is especially useful for those without a device."

5)What are the Apps you are developing now in WP7?Details on the Apps?

We have finished two games for WP7, IonBall (a steampunk style breakout game with bosses, rpg elements etc) and ChronoX (a platform game set across five time zones). The third is in development now.



6)In what way Microsoft can improve their WP7 or What does WP7 lacks from?

The only lack I can think of in WP7 is the fact it is a new platform which needs to establish itself but I have no doubt it will once people realise how great it is.

7)Future Plans of you?

Our plans are to continue to produce great games and bring in a new golden age of gaming!

Thanks Pete for sharing with us.

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