An Interview with Gordon Mundt from Zero Level Studios

1)Have you developed Apps for any other platforms before? If Yes What are they?
 Yes I developed an app for Android. It's a personal cookbook (androids dishes), but it wasn't 
 very successful.
2)Why did you choose WP7 as a platform of your choice?
 I choose WP7 as platform, because I am working as .net developer with c#. So it's easier for 
me to develop for WP7 as for Android in Java. Another fact is, that Microsoft provides the best 
debugging and developing tools.I also tinker with the idea of porting current games to Xbox 
and Android, if they are going to be successful.
3)Which one do you think as the single most feature you liked in WP7?
 I think this will be the feature, that WP7 is supported by XNA. In the other way I personally
 miss some features what  other Phones already can do like background task and multi-touch.
I hope that Microsoft will update these features.
4)Are you satisfied with WP7 Platform development tools?
Visual Studio is my favorite application development system, so yes ;o)
5)What are the Apps you are developing now in WP7?Details on the Apps?
I am developing one app at the moment, the working title is futureBlast and it will be a shoot'em up  likewise cabal  for amiga. A good portion of the development is finished. Currently I am talking with story  writers and search for    artists. The first target is to create a short demo, that I want to publish on to get the full length game  funded. My developer blog can be found at
6)In what way Microsoft can improve their WP7 or What does WP7 lacks from?
 I got one problem by developing for WP7 and thats the lack of the videoplayer object. These libraries
 were removed  by Microsoft and replaced with MediaPlayerLauncher object. So there is a need of great
work to implement this    in another way. Because of this you can't easily play videos and I had to change 
the hole gameplay of my current game.
7)Future Plans of you? 
Trying to get this project done and hope to get enough response for another game.

Thanks Gordon for sharing with us.