An Interview with ByeByeBrain Developer Luis Guerrero

Have you developed Apps for any other platforms before? If Yes What are they?

We haven’t  developed for other mobile platforms before; this is the first time we create a game for a mobile device.

Why did you choose WP7 as a platform of your choice?

Our company Plain Concepts is a Microsoft Gold Partner and we are always in touch with Microsoft technologies, we’ve developed applications with Silverlight and XNA before. When we knew that Windows Phone 7 will only have Silverlight and XNA we were very happy for this, so we decided to create a game in XNA for this mobile platform.

Which one do you think as the single most feature you liked in WP7?

The API’s and the tools. Silverlight and XNA and the fact Windows Phone 7 only have managed development (we love .Net )

Are you satisfied with WP7 Platform development tools?

We’ve been developing the game with a beta version of the tools and that means bugs and other stuff, but despite this, we’re happy with the level of integration with Visual Studio and Blend. The only thing we think can be improved is the time to deploy your application into the device and the emulator. Microsoft has been working with this in the internal versions of the tools.

What are the Apps you are developing now in WP7?

We’re now finishing ByeByeBrain and we’re planning to continue with adding more maps, more mini games, special attacks and much more. We know this kind of games are very saturated and we really want to improve the concept to make this game addictive and fun in a very new way.

Bye Bye Brain, Windows Phone 7 Game from riacosta on Vimeo.

In what way Microsoft can improve their WP7 or What does WP7 lacks from?

We’ve using the phone during weeks, and the UI looks great, the response time is good, the Facebook integration is good, but we miss a Twitter client and a YouTube player.

Future Plans of you?

We keep developing Silverlight applications and we plan to create more games and applications for Windows Phone 7, but we want to keep our level high quality, and this require time and hard work.

Apart from these questions, Other things you want to share with the community?

For other developers thinking about to start developing application in Windows Phone 7, just say it’s their moment, just do it. Windows Phone 7 is a new platforms and it means great opportunities to shine!.

This project has been started on September 2 for three guys working only on this project, 2 developers and a designer.  We are glad you like our game!

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· Luis Guerrero: (spanish) (English)

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The games seems to be amazing.Great work guys.Develop more and more Apps like this.Readers,if you have time visit their site.Its really cool.