An idea for Windows phone 7 launch


Most of us loyal Windows mobile/Zune HD fans have always dreamt of the day when Microsoft would wake up and produce with a Zune phone. We got our first taste of the Zune integration with the Kin phones but the hardware came nowhere close to matching sleek Zune HD industrial design. The next iteration of a “Zune phone” will come in the form of WP7 handsets from various manufactures and from all design leaked so far, I have yet to see any one that I like except the Dell lightning, or maybe the Asus prototype that was shown during the Mix Conference (not the “ugly” one shown recently)

So, in order to fulfill the dreams of loyal fans like me, I think Microsoft should release a limited edition set of custom Zune HD originals inspired WP7 phones for the Windows phone 7 launch. These devices would be available in select stores in all regions where the OS launches and would guarantee IMHO, buzz worthy, headline generating  “long line stories” that would definitely pique the public interest about the platform. If Microsoft  can pull this off, I would definitely be one of those “ crazed fans” camping out for days just to get one for myself, would you?