Amusing article suggests the iOS8 predictive keyboard is not very good

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A funny article in takes a look at the new predictive auto-complete keyboard in iOS8, which has a similar feature to Windows Phone’s wordflow.

The’s Rachel Raczka reports the new default keyboard appeared to have a rather odd personality, or at the very least wanted to suggest Rachel had.

She writes:

I noticed it first when it predicted I would say “Ya” after I typed the letter Y. I’m occasionally a “Yeah” person, but more consistently I type “Yes,” so the assumption was both amusing and offensive. As someone who is constantly fighting an uphill battle against her own Valley Girl twang, the forced default of “Ya” only strengthened my persistent use of “Yes,” and for added measure, “Yes, indeed.”

It then gets worse:

The second instance occurred after typing the letter S, giving me the immediate result “S&M.” Other than having Rihanna’s 2010 hit single buried somewhere deep in the nether regions of a Spotify playlist, I’m not entirely convinced the term pops up in my text conversations enough to be considered a default. Is my phone judging me?

She reports that the new iOS keyboard was a “productive, useful addition to my phone about zero percent of the time” but report fellow reporter and colleague Chelsea Rice had a lot more luck with her Windows Phone, writing:

She promptly showed me her Windows phone which has a predictive keyboard of its own. She likes it, says it makes texting easier. When I asked how she got it to work for her, the answer was easy: Her software has had it for a long time and it’s been learning from her all along. So apparently that’s the reason we’re suffering: Apple is late to the game.

Well, that would not be the first time, would it…

Read the full and funny article here.

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