AmusedSloth talks more about their new Xbox Live game, Chickens Can’t Fly

AmusedSloth, who achieved what has hitherto thought to be impossible – graduate from an indie game into an Xbox Live one, has posted some more about their successor to Chickens can Dream, Chicks Can’t Fly.

According to their press release in the game you will be conducting experiments throughout five Laboratories and answer questions such as: Is there life after the butcher? Is Chicken afraid of Ghosts? Does frozen Chicken get dizzy?

The game is played by titling the phone while falling down an experimental pit, avoiding obstacles, using power-ups, gathering corn and checking facts. When confident in your skill, one can try the Survival mode or take part in the Global Weekly Challenge.

The Xbox Live game will feature:

  • Over 50 levels across five uniquely themed laboratories: Hatchery, Butchery, Cemetery, Military and Physics
  • Tons of wacky obstacles, power-ups and power-downs! So watch where you’re falling!
  • Earn Xbox LIVE achievements and climb your way up the Xbox LIVE Leaderboards
  • Try your hand in the Survival Mode and the Global Weekly Challenge and see how you place in the global leaderboards

Chickens Can’t Fly will be  published by Microsoft Game Studios, and is set to be available later this year.

More information is available at