Epic Games’  latest free game is Among Us, the hit crewmate betrayal game that exploded in popularity last year, long after its 2018 release. 

Among Us has never been particularly expensive at just £4, and on mobile, you’re even able to play it for free, albeit with ads so the game can still earn revenue. That hasn’t stopped Epic Games from making it the free game this month to eliminate that small const entirely.

After its surge in popularity, developer Inner Sloth has committed to adding more content to the game, rather than developing a sequel, with a new map and plenty of cosmetics recently added to the game. 

If you’ve somehow not heard about Among Us till now, you and your adorable space bean crewmates need to go around performing tasks on a number of maps, however, in each game, there’s a number of imposters, who’re out to feast on your delicious insides. The result is plenty of devious deception, a lot of yelling and the potential to ruin friendships just like Monopoly.

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Elsewhere, the Epic Mega Sale is still going on until June 17th, with up to 75% off selected games, so if you want to snap up a bargain with an addition £10 off from the nifty coupon, there’s still time.