Intellivision’s Amico console may not have an exact release date yet, but, bafflingly, you can already buy eight of the system’s games. 

Revealed by Intellivision on their YouTube channel, the niche console manufacturer is currently selling eight limited “Boxed Edition” Amico games for collectors ahead of the console’s launch, which is meant to be happening later this year. 

Here are eight Amico games available for purchase right now:

  • Evil Knievel
  • Dynablaster
  • Missile Command
  • Rigid Force Redux Enhanced
  • Moon Patrol
  • Finnigan Fox
  • Biplanes
  • Brain Duel

Costing $149.99 for a set of all eight games, the boxed editions are almost twice as expensive as the games digital counterparts, which will be available for $10 or less once the console eventually launches. 

Thankfully, the boxed editions at least come with some interesting tat, as included in each collectable box is a 3D lenticular card, a “special minted coin,” as well as the game on an RFID card which is also an NFT. 

Throughout its development Intellivision’s Amico console has been hit with a number of delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic which has pushed it beyond its original October 2020 release date. Despite the collectable boxed edition games being available now, the console itself is still only planned for an ambiguous “autumn 2021” release date. Hopefully, now that the games are out, the console will release soon so that people can actually play them.