AMD Shows Off The Future Of PCs With Its New Prototypes Running Mullins CPU


At CES, AMD provided us a glimpse of how PCs will get evolved in the next few years. In an effort to showcase its upcoming chip codenamed Mullins, AMD’s next-gen ultra-low voltage APU, AMD has built a prototype PC powered by this chip. The PC is thinner, lighter than a Surface and also significantly less in size. What about the specs? It packs 256GB SSD, a camera, Bluetooth, WiFI and a DockPort connector. In the demo they were showing to people, it ran FIFA 14 at 1080p without any hiccups.

AMD Mullins 2

AMD says that this is extremely low power, extremely high perfomance, to meet your desktop expectations in mobile form factors. Also the great news is that it perform over 250 percent faster than the Intel “Bay Trail-T” chip allowing you to have a no compromise experience from a mobile PC.

Source: Engadget, PCWorld