Amazon’s new Dash Wand shows you don’t need a smartphone ecosystem to be innovative

Amazon’s one attempt at entering the smartphone fray crashed and burned spectacularly with the Fire Phone, but that did not stop the company from becoming the leading force in the new area of Ambient Computing.

The company has just released a new product which will be extremely attractive to regular users of the Amazon Fresh grocery shopping service, bringing Alexa to even more end points.

The new Dash Wand is the second generation of the product and is a wifi enabled kitchen assistant that helps you shop AmazonFresh and millions of everyday essentials on

Users can purchase items by voice or by scanning a bar code, adding it to your shopping list or checking out automatically.

The device is water-resistant, durable, and magnetic so you can stick it on your fridge.

It only costs $20, with a $20 credit which can be used on Amazon, and a 90 day free trial of Amazon Fresh.

See the gadget in action below.

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The new Amazon Dash Wand is US-only at present and can be seen at Amazon here.