AmazonIt! – Barcode Amazon price comparison for Windows Mobile

by Surur
July 30, 2010

amazonit for Windows Moble

AmazonIt! is a new application by Phil Chaung for windows Mobile which allows shoppers to scan barcodes using their cellphone camera and look up cheaper deals online, in this case in Amazon’s online catalogue.

AmazonIt! uses a converted version of the java library Zxing to detect barcodes. It then uses Amazon’s Product Advertising API in order to retrieve product information.

The application shows not only the price on Amazon, but even more usefully the product ratings, which can help users decide between two seemingly identical offerings. The software will even show if the price of an item has changed since it was last updated, and for more information will launch the product link in your mobile browser.

Read more and download the freeware at here.


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