Amazon not planning to release Windows Phone 7 Kindle App in many new markets

1 of 5The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace expanded to many new regions recently, but this does not automatically mean existing apps will be released there.

It seems Amazon is not planning to bring their app to many new Windows Phone 7 Marketplaces, despite there being Android and iOS versions of the app already.

In an thread on Amazon’s Kindle forums users report Amazon saying the service has not launched there yet, and recommended that users use alternate devices.

Amazon’s official response to complaints were:

Hi John Caboose, Sanny, and Knut S. Abjorsbraten,

I sincerely apologize, for my mistake. Sanny I thought your post on the end of this thread was inquiring about Windows 7 reading app on the PC, and I should have realized you were referring to Windows Phone 7.

That being said, the Windows Phone 7 application is available internationally to many countries worldwide. If the application is currently not available in your country of residence, I do not have a release date as to when it will be available in your country.
However, we do value the feedback of all of our customers. Customer feedback like yours helps us continue to improve the service we provide, and we’re glad you took time post to this thread. The Kindle Team will carefully review your comments and suggestions regarding this matter.

I hope this helps!
Best Regards,
Shannon A.
Amazon Kindle Customer Service

Amazon Support have also returned a list of supported countries, which excludes many countries in Europe.

Hong Kong SAR
New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States

Amazon support it appears have even suggested Windows Phone 7 users in unsupported countries use a US windows live ID.

Given that the availability of these very valuable apps is one of the key advantages of Windows Phone 7 over Symbian and Meego for example, Microsoft needs to make it a priority to convince their major partners to bring their apps to all possible localities.

Until then, users can ping to pressure Amazon themselves.

Thanks Johan for the tip.