Frequent Amazon buyers might find it inconvenient that they are no longer allowed to use the company’s Android shopping app. To remedy the situation, Amazon urgently suggested its customers use its website or Kindle app instead if they need to download e-books and any other digital content. Amazon also noted that all content will still be available outside the app.

According to Amazon, the decision for the new policy is in response to Google’s store policies requiring companies that have an annual turnover above $1 million (£800,000) to pay a 30% commission on all in-app purchases. Google, which owns Android, currently controls payment transactions in the place.

This new policy, which was introduced by Amazon worldwide in the past two weeks, is the same policy the company has had for the iOS version of its shopping app. The reason is also the same with Apple ordering fees in exchange for its service.

Though Amazon had no words on how much Google’s store policies could affect its sales, an Amazon official told the BBC that the changes were “carefully considered.”

Just like the countless users affected by Amazon’s policy for its iOS shopping app, the recent changes will affect millions of Amazon Shopping app Android users. This will also translate to the sales of Amazon, which recently reported its first quarterly loss since 2015 due to a decline in online sales.