Amazon reportedly “nearing a deal” for a Mass Effect TV series

November 24, 2021
Mass Effect Amazon

Amazon Prime Video may soon have another blockbuster production in the works as reportedly the company is “nearing a deal,” with EA to developer a Mass Effect TV series.

That’s according to a new Deadline report, where the subject of a Mass Effect TV series is briefly mentioned in an interview with Amazon Studios boss Jennifer Salke. 

Unfortunately, all we know so far is that Amazon and Electronic Arts are “nearing a deal,” to develop the series, so there’s no word yet on which story this series could tell, or which characters could feature within it. 

While Amazon may now be the closest to striking a deal with EA, there’s been plenty of interest in making a Mass Effect film or TV series in the past. Previously, however, BioWare has found itself “fighting the IP,” while trying to produce a film for the franchise, according to Mass Effect writer and director Mac Walters. 

In an interview with Business Insider earlier this year, Walters spoke about the studios past’ troubles when deciding what film to make, saying “what story are we going to tell in 90 to 120 minutes? Are we going to do it justice?”

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Since any deal with Amazon is still yet to be signed, it’ll likely be a long time yet before we see anything from this potential Mass Effect TV series, but it’s nice to know that something could shortly be in the production pipeline.

We may not know much about this potential TV series, but we can at least look forward to BioWare’s next Mass Effect game, which is set to feature the geth in some capacity.

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