Amazon Germany says they can not confirm development of a new Windows app


We recently posted that after withdrawing their app from the Windows Store, Amazon issues a statement (via that they are working on a new Windows app.

Now German Windows site reports that this may have been a hoax, as both Amazon Germany and Amazon USA could not confirm that such an app is in development.

In their statement they said:

“I regret to inform you that after a thorough examination, the statement on the listed source you (WinBeta) is a misinformation. It has already asked for correction. The development or release of a new app for Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Phone, we can not confirm. “

Of course the statement is not an actual denial that such an app is in the works, but merely that is can not be confirmed publicly.

With the Windows 10 Store approaching the 400 million installation mark, what odds do our readers put on Amazon eventually delivering an app? Let us know below.