Amazon Announces WorkMail, A Cloud Based E-mail Platform To Compete With Microsoft Exchange

amazon workmail

Amazon Web Services yesterday announced Amazon WorkMail, a secure, managed business email and calendaring service in the cloud. It enables users to send and receive email, manage contacts, share calendars, and book resources using the same email applications like Microsoft Outlook and others. So, Amazon is now taking on Microsoft Office 365/Exchange Online with its new service.

Amazon WorkMail delivers the following benefits to IT administrators:

  • Reduced complexity and cost: With Amazon WorkMail, there is no need to buy servers, manage complicated software and the associated licenses, or deal with upgrades, patches, and back-up systems. Customers simply pay for the mailboxes they create.
  • Security and privacy controls: Unlike other cloud-based email services, Amazon WorkMail allows customers to retain full control over the location of their data by choosing the AWS Region where their data is stored. All data in transit is encrypted using industry-standard SSL, and Amazon WorkMail is integrated with the AWS Key Management Service so that customers control their own encryption keys. Amazon WorkMail enforces security policies that businesses specify for users’ mobile devices via the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol. Businesses can require device encryption, require that devices lock, specify requirements for device password strength, and wipe devices remotely using the AWS Management Console.
  • Corporate directory integration: Administrators can integrate Amazon WorkMail with their existing Microsoft Active Directory so that users can access their mailboxes with their existing corporate credentials. Amazon WorkMail includes a migration tool that administrators can use to migrate mailboxes from on-premises email servers to Amazon WorkMail. After migration, users’ Microsoft Outlook and mobile email clients can automatically connect to Amazon WorkMail using Microsoft Outlook’s Autodiscover feature.

Amazon WorkMail delivers the following benefits to users:

  • Microsoft Active Directory compatibility: Microsoft Outlook users sign into Amazon WorkMail through their Microsoft Outlook email client using their existing corporate credentials.
  • Access from any device: For desktop users, Amazon WorkMail works with Microsoft Outlook or can be accessed through a feature-rich Web client on the most popular browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Additionally, Amazon WorkMail works with any mobile device that supports the Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol, including iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Fire Phone, Android, and Windows Phone.
  • Integration with Amazon WorkDocs (formerly Amazon Zocalo): Users of the Amazon WorkMail Web client can share and collaborate on documents using Amazon WorkDocs from within Amazon WorkMail.

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