Altel HTC Touch Pro the most expensive smartphone in USA



In the eternal fight between the HTC Touch Pro and the Xperia X1, the Touch Pro has just scored another point. While the Xperia reigned briefly as one of the most expensive phones in USA, at $800 unlocked at Best Buy, Altel clearly believes the Touch Pro has much more to offer, and priced the smartphone accordingly.

You too can now buy an Altel HTC Touch Pro from Best Buy for the low, low price of $999. Dont forget Black Tie protection for a mere $219.

While the Sprint Touch Pro may appear similar (or even identical), and is only $749, we have it on good authority Altel’s version contains a solid platinum chassis and pixie dust inside.

See this exclusive specimen on Best Buy’s site before this limited range is sold out forever!

Via (who also informs us that Altel will release the Touch Pro to plebes like us on the 20th November)

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