Altair VI


28, 2011

Altair VI is a new game for WP7. It aims to create a unique gameplay, mixing elements from adventure board-games, collectible card games and turn-based RPGs.

The Altair VI independent team has worked with the purpose of creating an all-original product, so all the aspects of the game (story, drawings, music…) have been designed and created by the developers and artists especially for the game. Even if now the game is out, the team is still working to create the second episode of the Altair VI saga, due in spring 2011, and to create additional content for the game that will see regular updates.
The game itself is set in a wrecked spaceship on a remote planet. The story settings are introduced and described during the game, unveiling an hilarious, and quite crazy, dystopian world. During the eight missions (two available in the trial) the player will impersonate one of four members of the crew, each one with different abilities: soldier, outlaw, nurse and engineer. The game offers a great amount of content: huge map, over 50 monsters, over 70 items… All of this guarantees hours of entertaining gameplay to complete all the missions and also provides high replay value.
The mechanics of the game are fully turn-based and the app runs smoothly under the locked screen, making Altair VI the perfect companion for travels and casual gaming, as it can be played for hours or just seconds at a time.
Altair VI is also an homage to the science fiction culture as it features countless references and quotations of books, movies, cartoons and TV series. In this interview the game architect of Altair VI challenges the players to find all the sci-fi references and also reveals some interesting background about the game development.
Altair VI also features a reward system for players who logs in on every few weeks new items and rewards are unlocked.
The game is available from Zune marketplace at the promotional price of 1.99. Great value for a small price.

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