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AloneAlarm™ is a Personal Alarm and Security System which provides both ‘Man Down ‘ and ‘Panic’ modes of operation.

In ‘Man Down’ mode, it watches the phone’s motion and, should it (and, presumably, the user) remain motionless for more than a user-defined period of time, it will forward an Alarm Notification in the form of an email or SMS message to a designated monitoring site.

In ‘Panic’ mode, it will send an immediate Panic Notification to the specified recipient(s).

The Notification messages contain substantial information as to the alarm situation, including a near-precise location of the phone when the notification was sent. This location assessment is dependent on the accuracy of reverse-geocoding which can be calculated. See for a typical Alarm Notification.

imageWhen first run, it requires the user to enter basic details such as their Name, and the email address and/or SMS number for the remote site.

When setup is completed for the first time, the user is assigned a number of free email and SMS credits, along with a User Code which may be used in purchasing further credits from the AloneAlarm site at .

AloneAlarm can be found in Marketplace here.

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