AllTube Player – Videos in your pocket, play them anytime, anywhere!



Enjoy watching YouTube videos? In case you’re not aware, there are other video websites like Dailymotion and Vimeo, to name a few. Flickr does video too. What if you’re looking for a video but just couldn’t find it in YouTube. There’s a chance you might find them elsewhere.

AllTube Player (ATP) is a Windows 8/Windows Phone app that allows you to search for videos easily. Just key in the search text and ATP’s global search does the rest for you. ATP implements the four websites as channels, and the search result is organized by channel.

Most of the features that you would expect from a video app are available in ATP. This includes category, channel, video information, related videos, add comment, like, dislike, subscription, contacts, groups, favourites, playlist, upload, download and share. These features varies by channel.atqr

Photos in the Picture Hub can be uploaded easily to Flickr, Facebook or Skydrive.

Record videos and upload it to YouTube, Flickr, Facebook or Skydrive.

Synchronize your media files between your Windows Phone and Windows 8 device via Skydrive.

With the coming year-end holiday season, the Windows Phone version of ATP can be purchased at a discounted price of USD1.49. The free unlimited trial allows you to use ALL the available features. You can download ATP at the Windows Phone Store here.

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