Developer Submission: AllTube Player Uni Gets Media Casting In Latest Update

AllTube Player (ATP) Uni, probably the most comprehensive music and video app on Windows 10 has been given another update.

The app makes searching for media from four of the most popular audio and video websites a breeze using its global search engine. Video quality up to 4k (hd2160) is supported making it a joy to watch super high quality video on newer devices like the Lumia 950/950 XL and Surface Pro 4.

Version 4.3.0 now allows user to cast media (audio/video) from the four supported websites or media that has been downloaded via the app to devices like TV which supports DLNA or Miracast. Support for Chromecast is in the work and will be made available when completed.

As of this writing, the media casting capability works on Windows 10 for PC but not quite on Windows 10 Mobile. To cast YouTube video, the quality should be hd720 or below.

Another enhancement in this version is the ability to access the downloading queue from any page in the app instead of the main page, which is a feature requested by one of our users.

See screen shots of the app below:

[gallerify title=”ATP Uni screen shots”]

Screenshot: Main page

Screenshot: Global search

Screenshot: YouTube channel

Screenshot: YouTube video page

Screenshot: Vimeo video page

Screenshot: SoundCloud channel

Screenshot: Local playlist

Screenshot: Cast media to TV


Download ATP Uni here.

AllTube Player Uni
AllTube Player Uni
Developer: Kay61
Price: Free
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