AllTube Player Pro Gets UI Refresh


28, 2014

AllTube Player (ATP) Pro, is a video app that supports several popular video websites like YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo. It also supports Flickr, the popular photo website. It provides one of the most comprehensive feature set for a video app, ranging from global search, video listing, related videos, comments, like/dislike, download, save video to sd card, extract audio and many more.

The app has been generally well received by users. However, some users have commented on the need for an improvement in the user interface. This update addresses just that. Employing a light theme, customization of the pivot control and better arrangement of content, it is expected to give users a visually pleasant experience.

It currently goes for USD1.49 for THREE days instead of the normal USD2.49.

Download ATP Pro here.

Similar UI refresh has also been done on the Windows 8 version. You can download it here.

Both version of the app allows for FREE unlimited trial.

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